What are the benefits of Trans-farming?

One of the most significant issues faced by users trading on DEXs like Uniswap today is the gas fees for each transaction. And lately, that has been an obscene amount up to 500 or greater in Gas Prices. These Gas fees must be paid by Uniswap users plus Uniswap’s 0.3% LP trade fees on all swaps.

The key benefit of Trade Farming is that it gives users the ability to offset their Uniswap LP trade fees on all SPRT BUY transactions by earning a trade mining token (like the SPRT Token), which can easily trade into other cryptos or stablecoins at the user’s discretion. These will create some BUY pressure (demand) on the SPRT token and hence heightens the value of the token as the only way to farm SPRT tokens is by buying them on Uniswap.

The trans-farming mechanism will provide an extra stream of revenue to Sproutify token traders in the near future, which ultimately offsets gas fees and increases their profits.

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Sproutify alludes to a specific cryptocurrency farming method that relies on Uniswap gas fees to create a non-inflationary and highly-profitable farming system.